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about us

Modi Design is a Christchurch-based interior design practice known for its unique creativity, high end finishes and attention to detail. Modi Design is well regarded for its tailored and personalised client strategies from concept through to delivery.

The philosophy at Modi Design is to go beyond clients expectations by enhancing their lifestyle through thoughtful processes and clever design.

Curating a portfolio of high-end, uniquely tailored designs,  Modi’s focus is always on creating sophisticated, refined and timeless interiors.

Modi Design proudly collaborates with leading designers, architects, builders, developers and suppliers to achieve a world-class design. 

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Our Services


01. Planning

Modi has many years of experience in planning the initial phases of client projects with leading builders, architects and individual clients. This has lead us to understand the importance for a comprehensive view of total projects; from planning trends, analysis and project phases, to a developer’s perspective, individual home-owners’, future buyers’ and corporate businesses needs.

02. Concept

Once the planning phase has been undertaken, we provide a strong initial design through the Concept phase. This will cover all considerations from philosophy, design specifications, customisation, as well as personal identity for each project. Through vision and touch, our clients are able to understand the project we are looking to create with them.

03. Exterior

We are not confined to the limitations of the interior only, our experience and enthusiasm extend to the conception of the building as a whole. Our response to each client’s brief delivers a site specific design. Through the curation of light, environment and space, complex issues are resolved with simple solutions. A sense of alignment is provided as the designed spaces adapt to our client’s ways of living.

04. Collaboration

Our main strength lies in working within a cohesive team environment, focusing on aligned principles for a seamless project each time. Modi Design’s ideology is strong in collaboration with clients, architects, builders and other consultants. This ensures project specific interiors are aligned with the proposed architecture for a well-rounded finished design.

05. Design Development

Following the creation of concept packages, Modi Design ensures all concepts are applicable and achievable through Design Development which involves finalising design direction with the client project team, and various suppliers. In this phase we begin to determine the finalised look of the space as a whole in its environment.

06. Selection of Finishes

Modi Design’s knowledge of local and international products provide a springboard for the overall aesthetic on all projects, with initial selections presented as early as concept stage on most design packages. The studio’s expansive library is an essential tool which is implemented on all projects. We are constantly seeking new and inspiring materials and products that can be identified with each clients personality and style.

07. Documentation

Our experience and knowledge in space planning, interior detailing and custom joinery across many sectors provides a level of true satisfaction with our clients and builders with whom we work. All determined fixtures and finishes are clearly documented with applicable specifications for easy communication between the project team and the clients.

08. Furniture Design & Selection

Modi Design also provides a furniture design and/or selection service. From planning the furniture for a Residential or Commercial space, through to selection of individual pieces and materials, we also customise furniture to suit the interior. Each interior requires a different design as each client is different.



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